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The Kentucky Amateur Ice Hockey Association (KAIHA) was formed in the spring of 2013 as an association to better organize the Louisville ice hockey community and to promote the advancement of ice hockey in Louisville, KY.

KAIHA is a 5013C non-profit organization (Tax id# 80-0715703) with the Louisville Ice Cardinals teams playing ice hockey under the KAIHA association.

All Players and Coaches taking part in Louisville Ice Cardinals Youth Hockey must be registered with KAIHA. 

The Registration "KAIHA Assoc" is not currently available.


KAIHA's current Board of Officers are as follows:

Kevin Mazzella

Vice President:
Neal Hoover

John Hoekstra

Drew Dow

KAIHA's current Board of Directors are as follows:

Mike Pearce

Don Burton

Phil Millett

Harry Hotchkiss

Rob Jenkins

Elisa Millett

Brian Graham

Mailing Address:
308 Fall Harvest Ct
Louisville, KY 40223

General information: