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KAIHA Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Registration

Is paying my KAIHA fee on-line secure?

KAIHA has contracted Sport Ngin to host our website.  This includes taking credit card payments on-line.  Sport Ngin is a PCI Level 1 certified entity and KAIHA is in possession of their PCI Certification.

To protect the information during the on-line Registration process, the website uses SSL encryption.


Why do I have to provide in my child’s doctor and Medical Insurance information?

This information as well as Consent to Treat is REQUIRED by USA Hockey to be accessible by Team Management in the case of an incident.  These fields are NOT mandatory on the on-line form; however, if they are not filled in, the paper form must be completed and given to the Team Manager before the player can take the ice.


Have the people that have access to the Registration information had background checks?

Both KAIHA Coaches are Team Mangers are required to have mandatory background checks every 2 years.  All Sport Ngin employees are required to have mandatory background checks, however all employees do not have access to customer databases.


How long will Sport Ngin retain my child’s information?

Sport Ngin’s data retention period is set by their customers. KAIHA has decided on a 4 year retention period.  This timeframe allows for the retention of the data during the current season, and so the information fields can be pre-populated for Parents/ Guardians that return to register their children the next season.