Coaching FAQ

KAIHA Coaching Philosophy and Guidelines:

All coaches within the organization are USA Hockey certified and must pass a background screening and also be SafeSport certified.  Further, KAIHA has adopted and follows USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM) for all age groups.  Per USA Hockey, “By implementing USA Hockey’s ADM, associations will deliver more efficient skill development, will produce more skilled players, and experience an increase in player retention.  The ADM is a nationwide blueprint designed specifically to help kids reach their full potential.”

A collective coaches meeting will also be held on a monthly basis to provide an organized forum where coaches can discuss and exchange information and ideas.       


How do I become a Louisville Ice Cardinals Coach?

Step 1: Reach out to our Director of Hockey, Louie Abounader (contact below)

Step 3: Register as a Coach with USA Hockey for the upcoming season. USAH# to KAIHA Registrar (see contact below).

Note: If you are already an adult hockey player with current season's membership, you do not have to register again.

Step 3: Complete & Pass a Background Check through USA Hockey using your USAH#. Submit receipt for payment to the KAIHA Treasurer (see contact below)for reimbursement from KAIHA for the associated fee. 

Note: Background Screen must be completed and passed before routine access to children, i.e. before the first team practice of the season.

Step 4: Register & take SafeSport Training. All coaches and managers/treasurers/locker room monitors, etc. need to take this online free training course. Training shall be completed annually and must not lapse. The refresher course is for those that have previously taken the course and must be completed annually as well. 

Note: Must be completed before routine access to players, i.e. before the first team practice of the season.

Step 5: Complete the online USAH Age-Specific Modules for your current coaching age group. Travel League would be for the specific age group you are coaching that season. Submit a receipt for payment to the KAIHA Treasurer for reimbursement from KAIHA for the associated fee.

Note: Must be completed prior to contact with your team or ice practices. 

Step 6: Register & Attend a USA Hockey Level 1 coaching clinic or progress to the next level. Completion is tied to your USAH# & needs to be completed by December 31. Submit a receipt for payment to the KAIHA Treasurer for reimbursement from KAIHA for the associated fee.

Step 7: If you are interested in being a head coach, please submit a completed application by the deadline communicated to all KAIHA members, typically at the end of January each year.

Head Coach Duties/Responsibilities

  • Schedule/attend tryouts
  • Help select players for team
  • Select/appoint assistant coaches
  • Provide KAIHA Registrar with Team Manager and Assistant Coach USAH# prior to the start of the season
  • Complete all appropriate USAH certifications, background screen and SafeSport verification in a timely manner (ALL coaches for ALL programs in the KAIHA association MUST have background screen, SafeSport training, Age-Specific Modules completed PRIOR to contact with the team and on ice practices)
  • Confirm all assistant coaches have also completed all necessary items for coaching certifications in a timely manner
  • Attend and be involved in team kickoff meeting and discuss the season's expectations
  • Attend the monthly KAIHA Coaches Council
  • Attend practices regularly
  • Have practice plan
  • Develop your assistant coaches
  • Monitor locker room for inappropriate behavior
  • Be a role model at all times
  • Attend all home and away games including tournaments
  • Attend year-end party or banquet

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