Open KAIHA Board Position: Director of Introductory Programs

We have an exciting opportunity to become involved in the leadership of our association by serving as a member of our Board of Directors. Your active participation is encouraged to help our association grow. We are currently accepting applications for Director of Introductory Programs.

Linked below, you will find important information that provides details about the available position and the application process:

Director of Introductory Programs Position Description: Responsible for all facets of the THFF, LTP, Little Preds, and Mites programs. Keep accurate player lists for each program and provide them to the board each session or when requested. Obtain player lists for all sessions of various hockey skills and development camps and provide them to the board. Be present for the first and last practice of every session of LTP, Little Preds, and House to assist in meetings and explain the next steps and potential transitions. Hold 8U team tryouts in conjunction with the Travel Team and Age Group Director. Work with the local community and school system to set up: speaking engagements, flyers to be distributed, accurate contacts at each location, etc. used for active prospecting. Lead the development of the girls hockey program. Extra Role: LTP and Little Preds Transition and Retention Manager

Board Member Application Form: The application form contains fields for you to provide your contact information, a brief statement of interest, and your relevant qualifications. To apply for a board position, please complete this form by the application deadline extended to January 19, 2024.

Your participation as a board member will help support the vision of our association's continued growth to become the premier youth hockey program in the surrounding region. Achieving that vision is dependent on the dedication and expertise of its Board members. We encourage members with a passion for youth ice hockey and a desire to contribute to the community to consider applying for these positions. If you are interested in volunteering in another capacity, we encourage you to fill out the above form and let us know!

If you have any questions about the available position or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are more than happy to provide additional information or clarification.

The deadline for submitting Board member applications has been extended to January 19, 2024. We will begin to evaluate applications and conduct discussions and interviews after applications are received with the intent of having all open positions filled by March, 2024. We look forward to receiving your applications and working together to continue building a strong and vibrant ice hockey community.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to KAIHA / Louisville Ice Cardinals.

Neal Hoover

KAIHA President